The following feature coding apply to all BMW E series 2006+ models.

If you have a different car model, or are looking for a feature, but don't see it listed, let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to help you out.

Basic Options Group - $75

Choose up to 8 items

$75.00 - Enquire now

Expert Options Group - $120

Basic package, plus 4 of the following items:

$120.00 - Enquire now

Performance Options Group - $175

Includes Basic and Expert packages, plus one of the follwing items ($215 for both items):

$175.00 - Enquire now

DME Flashing - $625

For N55 motor in E series 2010-2013 only

Flashing alters and/or replaces the software stored within the engine computer. In a very simplistic way, it is the same as updating your iPod iOS or your Android smartphone OS with a new version.

Many parameters can be altered; it is dependent on the car. Here are some examples of what can be altered to improve your car's performance:

$625.00 - Enquire now